TFP (Time For Print) Shoots – The Questions You Have to Ask as a Commercial Model

TFP (Time For Print) Shoots

Time for Print. This implies you surrender your time as a commercial model, the photographer surrenders their time as does the stylist, hair and makeup artists and any associates required on the shoot. In the days of old (pre-digital photography) time for print included the commercial model being furnished with prints for their books. Nowadays, you will for the most part either be furnished with a disk (although even this is seeing its last days) or all the more much of the time you will be sent a drop box link. A few photographers significantly like to utilize google drive. TFP shoots are to be utilized for the reasons for giving pictures to you and other creatives that have worked at the shoots in their books. They are not to be utilized for commercial purposes.


  1. Where is it? You shouldn’t need to pay to travel.
  2. Who is the innovative group? (photographers, makeup stylists, stylists etc.) Ensure that in any event that 75% of the group is as of now set up. You don’t need a circumstance where they are using you to get whatever is left of the group together.
  3. What are the photographs going to be utilized for? Portfolios, online networking, will there be anything printed.
  4. What is the idea? Progressively proficient photographers will typically give reference shots or a mind-set board for the imaginative brief for the shoot. Remember that the final outcome may look not at all like the mood board. It is simply intended to give you a thought of the style of the shoot. This is accomplished by referencing maybe certain styles of apparel, areas or lighting set ups.
  5. Is there some other commercial model engaged with the shoot? As we would like to think, we don’t care for models doing shoots that include different models, except if it is a model of the opposite sex. It is exceptionally uncommon that you can utilize an image in your book. The reason is genuinely self-evident, in the event that you show the customer your book and they recognize the other model they may choose to book her over you.
  6. Around what number of altered photographs will I get? The altered photograph tally is the most essential, you make take 1000 photographs yet toward the day’s end you need altered photographs to add to your book. Although all you need is one astonishing shot to make it worthwhile, we would go for at least 8.


TFP work enables you to step away from your standard paid gigs and truly make something new.  When was the last time you winnowed your portfolio? 63% of customers will pass judgment on you on your portfolio before whatever else. In the event that you are very outdated work in there, it’s time for some spring cleaning. When you’ve cleaned house, top it back off with new photos from ongoing TFP work. Need to attempt another photography strategy? At the point when the imaginative fever hits, you need to breathe life into your undertaking—so snatch the reins and get it going. There’s not at all like a meaningful venture to bring you euphoria and fulfilment. With TFP photoshoots, you can experiment with your different thoughts in a low-weight condition without a paying customer approaching over you.


The simplest method to locate a commercial model is by means of social media. Models utilize social media to advance themselves and are in consistent need of new substance as trends vary so quickly. Numerous urban communities have devoted Facebook organizing pages. You can likewise take a stab at looking hashtags on Instagram. commercial model will regularly utilize their city + model as a hashtag. Post a casting call and request portfolio link, and offer your own. A model’s time and aptitude are similarly as important as yours and they ought to be dealt with that way. TFP is a cooperation, not free work.

Another extraordinary alternative is sitting tight for a modelling agency. You can contact an organization and check whether they have any new faces who are searching for a TFP shoot. commercial model who have quite recently been signed will in general need a ton of portfolio cushioning. With regards to TFP, models frequently have limits with what sort of work they’ll do. Try not to be annoyed in the event that you are experiencing considerable difficulties discovering models who will do TFP for nudes or who will go for a TFP shoot. Respect their limits and proceed onward to the next model.


Despite the fact that no cash is traded during a TFP shoot and TFP photography is proposed to be utilized for portfolios only, it’s as yet a smart thought to assemble a TFP agreement. Contracts and model discharges exist which is as it should be. It’s a simple method to ensure that everybody is on the same page from how they can utilize their pictures. A few to consider: Each TFP experience ought to reflect the current task. Standard contracts are an incredible spot to begin however include the details that are vital (like the hardware or rental cost split, for example). Determine the usage parameters. In what capacity can the commercial model utilize the pictures? Think about social networking use. How are you going to utilize the pictures? On the off chance that there is an offer to utilize the pictures for a commercial venture, how does this decipher monetarily for the commercial model? Is it a one-time buy out, or will it be on a commission premise? When drafting an agreement, it is dependably a smart thought to have a legal counsellor look at it. Better to be as careful as possible.


While thinking about regardless of whether TFP shoots are justified, despite all the trouble, consider the nature of the team, specifically the photographer. Is the creative brief for the shoot something that will fit the modelling niche that you are interested in? For instance, in the event that you are a high fashion model, a bathing suit shoot may not by any stretch of the imagination be required for your book. Additionally, in the event that you have an agent, ensure you inquire as to whether they think you need additional material for your book.

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