Height, Weight and Age Requirements for Female Models

Height, Weight and Age Requirements for Female Models

So precisely how tall do a female need to be to wind up a fruitful model? Moreover, how old does one need to be? What sort of body type is accepted? These are exceedingly vital inquiries one should inquire if they will seek modelling as a hobby or moreover, a profession. It relies upon which kind of female modelling you are seeking after. Keep these as guidelines and recall, there are always exceptions.


Fashion models have extremely specific age, height, and measurement norms. The regular age is 16-21. Models can be more younger than this, yet numerous agencies will expect models to be no less than 16. In like manner, female models can be more older yet modelling agencies and customers tend to like their models looking more youthful and more energetic. Height is commonly between 173 cm and 180 cm, bust is between 81cm – 91cm, waist is between 56cm – 66cm, and hips ought to be between 84cm – 89cm.


Catalogue modelling is another lucrative modeling classification that is marginally less strict than fashion modelling. Height is for the most part somewhere in the range of 173cm and 180cm and regular estimations are as per the following: Bust 81cm – 91cm, hips 84cm- 89cm, and waist 56cm – 66cm Catalogue and fashion are the two most particular modelling industry. That is the reason they are the most beneficial.


Lingerie and Bikini female models likewise have a tendency to have particular assessment necessities. Normal lingerie model estimations are: height 170cm -182cm, bust 81cm – 91cm C cup, waist 56cm – 66cm and hips 84cm- 89cm. A bikini model will be like a lingerie model yet with a marginally bigger bust size. Click here to read how to become a bikini model.

Obviously, most females’ models don’t meet these requirements and that is the reason fashion models for the most part get paid the most and work the most. In the event that you don’t meet these necessities, don’t stress, most ladies don’t.

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