Go See – What is it?

Go See - What is it Modelling

A go see is the point at which a model is asked by their agent to ‘go and see’ a customer. The difference between a go see and a casting is that a casting for the most part includes a particular employment. Whereas a go see is seeing customers and photographers in light of no specific activity. They are done as such so they recognize what you look like and can remember you for up and coming work. A go see will commonly be your initial introduction with a customer so don’t discount it as irrelevant. Moreover, if a customer becomes hopelessly hooked with you after a go see it could be your entry into a lot of future work. Be set up by examining the customer ahead of time if possible and dress suitably. If not sure, dress just like you would for any casting or model agency interview.

It is an open door for the customer to see all the new faces as they prepare for an up and coming season. You may go see a customer and they might not have any employments yet, but they will. You will go-see them so when the occasions come, on the off chance that they preferred you, they may pick you based on what they saw before.


During the go see you might be approached to attempt a couple of outfits or take a couple of shots. Don’t simply stand there. Demonstrate to them what you got. Shoulders back and work those angles which we are confident you’ve been rehearsing for a considerable length of time in the mirror, isn’t that so? Indeed, in the event that you haven’t been, you ought to be. This is an audition and you’ll likely just get one shot at making your mark. In Some go see, you will be approached to complete a runway walk. Because it’s in the corner of some office and not on a genuine runway doesn’t mean you shouldn’t walk like it.


Casting directors, booking agents and photographers are a portion of the staff you will meet at a go-see. Like we stated, on the off chance that you can awe these individuals, you might be in line for various occupations. It’s not far-fetched for a photographer to step through some test photographs and request to see your portfolio. They may even request that you walk a runway. This is all so they can see how experienced you are and, in the event, that you fit their ideal fashion. As usual, endeavour to arrive somewhat early. Active models may spend a whole day going from one go-see then onto the next. After you have seen a specific customer in various occasions, you may not be required to Go-See that equivalent customer for some time. They will recall you and realize what you offer. However, facetime is important. It is dependably a good plan to fortify connections and remind the customer why they should pick you.


Nothing drives an agent or customer crazier than a late model. Time is cash and delay is never endured by agents, photographers or customers. Plan your time admirably and ensure you show up for your arrangement something like 10 minutes early. On the off chance that you wind up arriving sooner than required hold up outside or in the lobby until it’s the ideal opportunity for you to be there. With the approach of mobile phones, GPS and Google Maps there is no reason not to know precisely where you should be and to be there on time. Here and there, be that as it may, being late for go see is unavoidable. On the off chance that you are going to be late, call your agent or the individual you have your meeting with and tell them when you hope to arrive. Go see are somewhat more adaptable and organizations more often than not run go see inside an a few hours’ time span. It’s still best to arrive before the actual arranged time to go see instead of hold up until the end.


On the off chance that you are meeting with an agent out of the blue it isn’t fundamental for you to have proficient modelling photographs. It is useful, in any case, in the event that you bring a couple of basic previews that you can leave with the agent on the off chance that they inquire. Most agents will take some “digitals” of you in the event that they are intrigued, however it is pleasant to demonstrate to the agent that you are prepared. On the off chance that you have a modelling portfolio (your “book”), continually carry it with you. If you are bringing your book make sure it just contains your absolute best photographs. Never put contact sheets, outtakes, individual papers, or anything in your book that isn’t your absolute best work. Agents and customers will dependably look in the back of your book, so make sure to keep it perfect and clean.


Continually carry a pen and notebook to take notes or have the capacity to rapidly scribble down notes on your telephone or tablet. Never be discovered fumbling for a pen or paper During your go see. Put these instruments in a spot that you can get to rapidly and effectively – it will demonstrate the agent that you are proficient, sorted out and conscious of their time.


In the event that you are more than 18 years old there is no explanation behind you to bring anybody with you to your go see (under 18 years ought to bring one parent or guardian). In the event that you realize that you are meeting with a notable and set up organization then this rule is doubly essential. Much the same as you wouldn’t bring your sweetheart, companions or kid to a prospective employee meet-up you wouldn’t bring them when you meet modelling agents, and never at any point when you meet a customer for go see.


On the off chance that you establish a good connection During your go see congrats. You ought to be gotten back to sooner or later for a casting and you’re headed to booking that next job. How you behave during and after one of these arrangements can make or break your modelling profession.

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