When to Change a Modelling Agency and How to Do it Right

Change a Modelling Agency

Separating is difficult to do. Regardless of whether you’ve been with your modelling agency for 5 months or 5 years, it’s never simple to cut ties and explore different chances. In any case, there may come a period when you want to move on. Whatever your reasons, exchanging agencies is a major ordeal and you have to ensure you’re doing it for the correct reasons, and that you’re doing it in the correct way.


Your agency is no longer excited about you. Has your agent dropped off the radar? Have they quit pushing your profession? Never again reserving you great jobs? Indeed, industry may be slow, however your agency additionally may have quit submitting you for jobs. If so, it’s the ideal opportunity for a genuine talk with your agent to discover what’s extremely going on.

Your agency has the wrong clients for your look. On the off chance that you have a high-fashion look however are signed to a modelling agency that supports the commercial side of things, at that point you’ll never get the same number of appointments as you’d like.

You no longer feel supported in your career goals. On the off chance that your profession plan doesn’t coordinate the arrangement your agency has set out for you, at that point neither of you is consistently going to be cheerful. Prior to pulling the plug, however, ensure your objectives are really attainable and that your agency is really mindful of your plans.

You don’t get along with your agent. You and your agent should be closest companions; however, you do need a professional relationship that is open, legit, and humanized. On the off chance that you wind up keeping away from all correspondence with your agent since you’re afraid or potentially awkward, it may be a great opportunity to move on.

They have a bad reputation. No model needs to be related with an amateurish modelling agency that is known for losing models and clients.

A better opportunity has come up. On the off chance that another agency has better clients, better agents, better pay, and better terms, at that point signing with them may be exactly what your profession needs. Simply don’t jump the gun and let your feelings lead the way, however. Prior to signing with any agency, regardless of how extraordinary they appear, despite everything you have to get your job done and look into them altogether.


You’d rather be signed to a big-name agency. Keep in mind, greater isn’t in every case better. While being on the list of a world class modelling agency comes with a specific measure of prestige, it doesn’t ensure job. You’ll be a little fish in a major modelling lake, and that implies bunches of rivalry and less personal attention. Not generally the best condition for a blooming modelling profession. Think about staying with your littler agency, except if obviously it really bodes well for you to venture up.

You’re upset/unhappy but haven’t tried to fix the problem. Stop and think for a minute: It’s impeccably fine to want to switch agencies, however you have to ensure your organization knows about your worries and endeavour to illuminate the issues together before leaving while throwing a mini tantrum. The circumstance may be fixable with a little diligent job or potentially an adjustment in direction. On the off chance that it’s not, or if your modelling agency is inert to your requirements, at least you attempted! If you are looking for a trustworthy modelling agency in Malaysia, don’t hesitate to contact us.


In the event that you’ve imparted your worries to your agent, attempted your best to work it out, and are prepared to sign with another modelling agency, there are as yet a couple of things you have to consider before authoritatively going your separate ways:

The legalities. Before you do anything, you have to read your modelling agency contract. Numerous agreements expect models to give something like 30 days’ notice (once in a while longer) so as to end the contract, and some have “provisos” that enable you to get out of it if the agency hasn’t satisfied explicit obligations (like booking you a specific measure of job, for instance). On the off chance that you leave before legitimately ending your agreement, you could confront genuine lawful repercussions, including money related punishments. In some cases, the agency won’t especially mind in case you’re leaving (don’t think about it literally) and won’t raise the agreement by any stretch of the imagination. If so, you should at least motivate the agency or an attorney to draft a termination agreement, just to cover your back.

Get a Second Opinion. Regardless of whether it’s from a lawyer or an accomplished model agent getting a second opinion can be exceptionally useful. Experienced modelling agency regularly offer free direction and counsel on the off chance that you are battling with your choice.

Don’t burn bridges. The modelling industry may appear to be huge, however as a general rule, it is unfathomably little, and chances are you will keep running into your agent or related professionals sooner or later in your profession. In this way, it’s vital that you leave your agency on the most ideal terms. Part ways with them face to face on the off chance that you can (Skype is a decent backup plan), generously clarify your reasons, express gratitude toward them for everything they’ve done, and want them to enjoy all that life has to offer. What’s more, never at any point castigate them to different models, agents, or industry professionals. There’s a decent shot your unforgiving words will hit them up, and that can incredibly hurt your reputation for being a professional model.


Numerous individuals remain at an occupation excessively long, and when they quit, they are extremely very prepared to move on. This can result in the cutting off ties with managers and Human Resources staff at the old modelling agency. This is awful news. You would prefer not to do that, by any means. It doesn’t make a difference whether you think you’ll never need to see these individuals again, regardless you have to take care that you leave your job in a professional way. Why? You don’t control what’s to come. You may state, “I have an incredible new job arranged, so I needn’t bother with them as a source of reference.” Well, the fascinating thing about job hunting is that the vast majority don’t call your current manager for a reference—on the grounds that a great many people keep their job hunting private.

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