Learn How to Become a Male Runway Model

Learn How to Become a Male Runway Model

The male runway walk is a tricky thing. It’s not the smooth, hip-influencing, one-foot before the-another walk made so renowned by other best cat walkers. However, you can’t simply show up and walk like you regularly would in the city, either. No, the male runway walk is some place in the centre. Sound unimaginable? Not really. Here are a couple of tips to kick you off.


For one thing, with the end goal to walk the runway, you have to meet the physical prerequisites. The correct measurement fluctuates obviously, contingent upon the designer and the even the season, yet by and large male runway models ought to be slender and healthy, with great muscle definition. In case you’re excessively muscular, you won’t fit into the garments.  Remember that there are exemptions to each standard. In the event that you have a “specific something” that the designer is searching for, for example, a one of a kind looks or an extraordinary attitude, they may pick you regardless of whether you don’t fit the normal male runway model stats. What’s more, if your measurements don’t match or in the event that you don’t exactly have what the designer is searching for, do whatever it takes not to get disheartened.


As made reference to before, the male runway walk is somewhat not quite the same as the female runway walk. The fundamental contrast is that male models walk with their feet more distant separated than their female partners. So as opposed to putting one foot before the other, similar to walking on a line, keep your feet one next to the other at a nearby distance from each other. Also, do whatever it takes not to move your hips excessively. All that swaying forward and backward is excessively feminine for most menswear designer’s preferences. Beside these two contrasts, the male runway walk is basically alike. When walking, don’t look down. Rather, look past the group of audience and focus on a fanciful spot. Try not to look or interact with the group of audience except if trained to do as such.


It’s dependably a smart thought to go to some runway shows to see first-hand how male runway models walk. You can likewise thud down before your PC and watch YouTube recordings of the world’s best male runway models do what they excel at. Concentrate on their moves, practice what you see, and don’t be hesitant to request for useful input. Additionally, don’t be reluctant to practise on walking with bags, not a considerable measure of men has encounter walking with bags. Simply recall that you won’t have the capacity to duplicate their walks move for move, nor would you like to. Runway walks are exceptionally personal and it’s up to each model to discover a walk that mirrors their individual identity and style.

The male runway modelling industry can be hard to break into, essentially in light of the fact that there aren’t the same number of chances for men as there are for females. That is the reason it’s so essential to open yourself to however many modelling agencies as could be allowed.

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